1. In a personal God. Hebrew 1:1-3
  2. In Jesus Christ, as the Divine Son of God and as our Savior. John 1:1-3; Hebrew 7:25
  3. In the Holy Spirit, the Divine Comforter. John 15:26
  4. In regeneration and the new birth, through the acceptance of the gospel. John 3:1-7; II Cor. 5:17
  5. That the Bible is the inspired Word of God. 2 Tim. 3:16
  6. That the second coming of Jesus is very near. That it will be literal, personal and visible to all. John 14:1-3; Acts 1:11; Matt. 24:30
  7. That man by nature is mortal. Job 4:17; Tim. 6:15, 16
  8. That immortality and eternal life are the gift of God and are received only through Christ. Rom. 6:23
  9. That the dead are in an unconscious state. Eccl. 9:5; John 11:11-14
  10. That there will be a resurrection of the dead. I Thess. 4:16, 17
  11. That the wicked will not burn eternally, but will be burnt up. Mal. 4:1-3
  12. That righteousness comes by faith. Rom. 4:3-5
  13. That the law of the Ten Commandments is the standard of righteousness by which all will be judged and which all Christians are commanded to obey. James 2:10-12; Ex. 20:3-17
  14. That the original seventh-day Sabbath has never been changed by Divine authority and therefore all Christians are under obligation to keep it holy. Gen. 2:2,3; Luke 23:54-56
  15. In the support of the gospel through tithes and offerings. Lev. 27:30, 32; Mal. 3:8-11; Matt. 23:23
  16. In baptism by immersion. Mark 1:9, 10; Rom 6:3-5
  17. In the ordinance of humility and the Lord’s Supper. John 13: 4-17; I Cor. 11:23-26
  18. In the gifts of the Holy Spirit including the gift of prophecy. Eph. 4:8-11; Rev. 12:17; Rev. 19:10
  19. In discarding unhealthy practices such as the use of intoxicants, tobacco, unclean meats, etc. Prov. 23:29-32; I Cor. 3:16-17; Duet. 14:3-20; Isa. 66:15-17
  20. That the followers of Jesus should manifest true Christian modesty in dress and deportment, and should shun all questionable worldly amusements. 1 Tim. 2:9, 10; Matt. 24:37-44; James1:27
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